After automatic recalculation of VES profile in the table above, an Excel file shows 1D profile of electrical resistivity in “pseudo-depths”. To interpret VES profile to exact depths and layers you may use a number of free 1D resistivity interpretation programs (download the whole folders and run from your PC!):

  • iVEZ  (our in-house “soil” VES semi-automatic interpretation software, developed in 1983)
  • RES1DINV – (1D VES freeware by Dr. Loke, we recommend this especially if you plan to link several 1D VES to 2D tomography with RES2DINV) 

Good Field Practice: If you wish to rely on stored ER data, make sure to set up a data connection to your computer BEFORE you head to the field! You can store some mock data and do download and memory clean up before you go out and start collecting real data! Also, clean up ERM-01 memory from all mock data before the actual field session, so you don’t get confused about which data are those!

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