Landviser's Time Line:

April 2008

Newsletter announcing LandMapper ERM-02 is available here. LandMapper ERM-02 will be presented at Joint SSSA-CSSA-ASSA and GSA meetings at Houston, TX in October 2008. Make sure you stop by at Booth #1445 to see and test a complete line of our  devices and software.

March 2008

We are happy to announce that new and improved LandMapper ERM-02 is ready for sale! ERM-02 is capable of measuring electrical resistivity (ER), electrical conductivity (EC) and natural electrical potential (EP) from soil surface down to 10 m depth as well as in soil pits, pots, samples, pastes and water solutions. Donít let the small size fool you Ė LandMapper ERM-02 measures electrical parameters with the accuracy comparable to the standard devices used in electrical geophysical prospecting, but weights and costs TEN times less!

January 2008

We are updating website and moving it to the new hosting service with increased storage space (1.5 TB) to better suit our GIS and database analysis customers. Landmapper ER01 and ERM03 from the first design batch are currently sold out and now undergo redesign. We expecting improved ERM02 be available for sales in February 2008.

October 2007

Larisa presented paper and conducted workshop on "Electrical Geophysical Methods in Agriculture" at 4th International Symposium on Intelligent Information Technology in Agriculture (ISIITA) in Beijing, China.


Anatoly Kravchenko assumed responsibilities of GIS Technician to assist with our fast-growing remote GIS data compilation and analysis. Landviser is proud to be one of the few "virtual" consulting companies which fully utilizes modern communication and computing technologies. We offer our employees flexible hours, work from home and per-project compensation. By doing this we can attract the best professionals to work on our customer's projects while keeping our overhead costs to minimum and we can pass savings on you, our customer!


Landviser has moved from New Jersey and re-incorporated in Texas. President of Landviser, Larisa (Golovko) Pozdnyakova also became full-time Development Scientist at RiceTec, Inc. in Alvin, TX. RiceTec is the only seed company in US developing and selling hybrid rice seeds to farmers. Larisa's expertise with soil mapping, statistics and GIS analysis was welcomed at this successful growing company.

We continue to offer RES2DINV and RES3DINV geophysical interpretation software in cooperation with GEOTOMO Software. Several customers from Europe (Germany, France, Belgium) has ordered our devices to use in variety of applications in viticulture, forestry and archaeology.

January 2005

The i-Quote system is in-place on our website. Please, use it at your convenience to find out about latest prices, offers and discounts from Landviser, Inc. Please, contact us if you have questions or problems with the auto-quote system.

December 2004

Our website undergo a major modernization, many new products and services added to portfolio. We try to implement fast on-line quotation and secure payments through e-check software. Note to our customers: we value your privacy and security, we never store any personal information, even e-mail addresses on-line. All the forms that you fill at our site are immediately encrypted and e-mailed to us. To pay for your order fast and secure, you will be e-mailed a PDF form. Just enter your credit card or check information and e-mail it back to us.

November 2004

Landviser became an authorized dealer for Power Check Software -- an innovative approach to handle fast and secure payments on-line, by phone, or fax. Check it out on the developer site, but only we can offer you 30-days FREE trial! You have a potential to recover your bad dept, generate extra income from the customers without credit cards or no available credit, virtually eliminate your customer promise that "check is in the mail", all for FREE during this trial!

October 2004

Landviser became an authorized distributor for Geotomo Software -- 2D and 3D inversion of electrical resistivity, induced polarization, or self-potential surveys. Ask us about renting or purchasing RES2DINV or RES3DINV, we can give you up to 10% discount on top of the discounts offered by Geotomo! Of course, our in-house 1D interpretation of electrical resistivity sounding (specially developed for noisy soil data) is still available for FREE! Contact us.

September 2004

Problems with our web-server urged us to move to different provider, which for long time caused our site to look BAD. We apologize to all of you who visited us during that time... The bright side: this accident was eye-opening to start redesigning the whole site and got us seriously into in-house SEO program.

August 2004

Landviser, Inc. was involved into archaeological and civil engineering studies in Philippines. Two GeoExplorer II (Trimble) GPS units were used to obtain exact coordinates through post-processing using one of the units as local base station. However, as it turned out, the correction was better with the base station in Manila. Those units are now available for renting, and one is on sale by us! See Try and Buy Agreement.

July 2004

Our device, Landmapper ERM-01 was presented on 7th International conference on Precision Agriculture in MN. Download proceeding "LandMapper ERM-01 for precision horticulture" in PDF. We also presented a poster on meeting of NE branch of SSSA (Soil Science Society of America) in NJ.

June 2004

First visit to Philippines to conduct deep geophysical surveys using ABEM Terrameter with Lund system. Especial challenges involved too dry soil and high change in elevation on the site. The laser level which we were planned to use for elevation correction of the survey, turned out to be useless. Electrical resistivity and induced polarization surveys with different arrays were conducted, mostly with dipole-dipole arrangement.

New product, Landmapper ERM-03,  measuring three electrical properties (resistivity, conductivity and potential) for soil and plants was tested  and now is available for sale or lease. You also have Try and Buy Option for this device.

May 2004

ABEM Terrameter Lund system was tested in projects in New Mexico and New Jersey. System is excellent, but very heavy, and require a car battery to operate without the interruption during the whole day.

March-April 2004

Developed custom GIS including soils (STATGO and SSURGO), digital elevation (DEM), Land use/ Land cover, streets (TIGER), watershed, aerial photo for many farmers in NJ

November 2003

We presented our new research on ASA-CSSA-SSSA meeting in Denver.

November 2002

Research on cranberry GIS and groundwater movement in sandy soils under cranberries was presented on ASA-CSSA-SSSA meeting in Indianapolis.

August 2002

Summary of our long-term research on "Electrical properties of soils" was published in proceeding of 17th International Congress of Soil Science in Bangkok, Thailand.

May 2002

First product, Landmapper ERM-01, measuring electrical resistivity in soils was developed for us by ASTRO GROUP, Russia; passed all tests and now is available for sale or lease.

November 2000

"Vertical Electrical Sounding for Soil Survey" talk by Larisa Pozdnyakova was delivered as an opening presentation in plenary session of ASA-CSSA-SSSA meeting in Minneapolis. You can download slides in PDF here as well as a poster "Spatial Variability of soil properties within commercial cranberry bed in New Jersey".

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