Digital Geographical Maps

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Remote Site Assessment Reports

Without stepping a foot on your premises, we can gather all the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) data for your real estate, farm, golf course, construction site, area you plan to acquire or explore, and will compile custom digital maps with detail site assessment report on CD and/or as a hardcopy.Custom map of soil series (SSURGO) and topography. The order is usually completed in two days. You will receive custom CD with all the digital geographical maps relevant to your real estate and free map viewer, ArcExplorer 9.0. You can then view, query, or scale any map from thumbnail size to custom wall map, print and fax or email custom sized maps for your land parcel including soils, DEM (digital elevation model), watersheds, topographical maps, land use maps, global positioning satellite survey data as color infrared photos, etc. Many digital geographical maps are available for USA and Canada, but Landviser also provides detailed digital maps and assessment reports for just about any place on Earth. Our reports are based on up-to-date FAO UNESCO and ESRI maps...More >>

Field Site Assessment & Development

Map of cranberry field showing yield spatial variability and correlation with electrical resistivity (1/EC)No matter whether your mapping needs are farming, civil and construction engineering, archaeology, or forensic applications, Landviser routinely do field mapping with our non invasive devices for quality control for soil and other mobile soil sensors for soil water content, resistance to penetration, and laser leveling. Custom sized maps for cranberry growers in New Jersey, Burlington county. Field report on groundwater table for one farmWe also possess expertise for deep geophysical sounding with ABEM Terrameter electrical resistivity and induced polarization imaging. We participated in many mapping and subsurface imaging projects world-wide. You can evaluate our consulting abilities in selected Case Studies

Business and Commerce GIS Analysis

Internet usage by US farmers. Example of GIS used in preliminary research on direct marketing campaigne.Building on the public available spatial information including demography, transportation, development trends and combining it with information specific to your business, we can help you develop business plan, including custom presentationComputer literacy among US farmers. Example of business and commerce usage of digital demographical maps maps for investors, custom wall maps or handouts. Geographical information will help in your business recovery plans, pinpoint profitable franchise locations and avoid many possible pitfalls in your operations and marketing based on power of maps.

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