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Bring the power of GIS (Geographic Information System) to your enterprise. Receive recent digital geographical maps of elevation, soils, land use zoning, even aerial photos of your land all conveniently accessible on CD-ROM packed with free map viewer (ArcExplorer 9.0, ESRI). The best part is that you have the right to combine and resize all the maps on this CD-ROM, so you own the master copy of the maps. The high quality vector digital geographical maps allow complete scalability of any map included, from thumbnail size for your business card to any custom wall map! You can quickly print custom sized maps from your printer and make completely unique placemats or handouts for your visitors or employees. Just imagine what you can do with completely custom sized maps of your land! Your even can use them in your marketing campaign, those are faxable maps, or you can email them!


Even get a PDF and hardcopy of 50+ pages custom report on your property explaining soil properties, with acreage for different soil types calculated and complete soil series descriptions attached. Report also included customized tables of soil properties essential for different crops, even projected agricultural plant productivity, your land hazard for wind and water erosion and best measures to protect against it, road or building construction limitation, proximity to wetlands and floodplains, and much more.

Remote Site Assessment Reports

Without stepping a foot on your premises, we can gather all the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) information for your real estate, farm, golf course, development site, area you plan to acquire or explore, and will compile custom digital maps with detail assessment report on CD and/or as a hardcopy. The order is usually completed in two days. You will receive custom CD with all the digital geographical maps relevant to your estate and free map viewer, ArcExplorer 9.0. You can then view, query, scale any map from thumbnail to custom wall map, print and fax or email custom sized maps for your land parcel including soils, DEM (digital elevation model), watershed, topographical maps, land use maps, global positioning satellite survey data as color infrared photos, etc. Many digital geographical maps are available for USA and Canada, but Landviser also provides detailed digital maps and assessment reports for just about any place on Earth. Our reports are based on up-to-date FAO UNESCO and ESRI maps...

Download Sample Site Assessment Report (PDF)

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