Landviser, LLC

Landviser develops innovative non-invasive technologies (hand-held equipment and software) for mapping and monitoring core biosphere components: soils, plants and groundwater. We provide custom research system integration and consulting on electrical geophysics applications in agricultural and environmental sciences; GIS; geostatistics; and remote sensing.

We are an international consulting company with headquarters inTexas, USA and business contacts in Canada, Russia, Ukraine, China, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Non invasive devices for civil and construction engineering

2012- New interactive website and blog launched

Our engineering and technology team have developed non invasive devices for shallow civil and construction engineering applications including soil testing and mapping of farms, commercial and residential real estate properties,  construction sites and golf courses. First model, LandMapper ERM-01, measures soil electrical resistivity (ER) or conductivity (EC) in topsoil down to 15 ft depth by four-electrode contact method of Wenner and Schlumberger. 

Soils, Geophysics, and GIS Consulting

Our mission is to provide you, our customer, with excellent geophysical, geostatistical, and GIS consulting includingproducts and services for near-surface applications, such as custom digital maps used in soil science, precision agriculture, forestry, soil remediation,land survey and  soil mapping, civil and construction engineering, forensic science,archaeology, geology and geophysics. If you have questions about different brands of electrical equipment used in geology and geophysics and on generalsoil science, GIS maps, GPS, and geostatistics; please, do not hesitate to contact us. The first consulting is always FREE. 


Background. Landviser, Inc. is built on more than 30 years of expertise in research and development of electrical geophysical equipment and its use in agriculture and environmental applications. Methods and prototypes of devices measuring soil electrical conductivity (EC) or resistivity (ER) and natural electrical potential as implied in conventional geophysics in vertical electrical sounding (VES), electromagnetic profiling and mapping (EM), andself-potential method were field tested in Russia, Ukraine, USA, Chili, Philippines, and CanadaApplications included using Schlumberger and Wenner four-electrode probes in outlining management zones for precision ag and site-specific land use, mapping stone content,soil salinity orpollution by oil, and soil texture; locatingobjects hidden in soil to aid crime scene description, detecting soil genetic horizons,peat thickness, and depth to groundwater table; monitoring freezing - melting and  drying - wetting processes in soils as well as soil compaction and moisture distribution; mappinghazardous water rising and fluxes in urban lands and rural areas. If you want to learn more about these applications while the website is under construction, please visit the personal web page of our co-founder,Larisa Pozdnyakova.


Business and commerce GIS analysis

Landviser, LLC also provides expert advice on USA real estate powered by comprehensive GIS consulting. We offer custom sized maps of client's property, GPS mapping, digital soil maps and reports, location and market analysis for farmers, residential and commercial estates, and construction sites. See example of resuts of GIS analysis destributed to farmers on website  here .

Industry Associations

  • Agronomy Society, Crop Science Society, and Soil Science Society of America

  • American Horticultural Society

  • Urban Harvest (Houston) Tips for gardening in Houston

  • National Home Gardening

  • Sigma-Delta Honorary Agricultural Society

  • Russian Soil Science Society

  • European Society for Soil Conservation

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